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fic ( Equilibrum (ST: DSN) Dax, Jadiza for ova lexa

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Dec. 5th, 2006 | 06:20 pm
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posted by: karrenia_rune in ds9ficathon

Title: Equilibrum
Author: karrenia_rune
Characters: Jadzia Dax and Benjamin Sisko
Set shortly after events shown in the episode "Invasive Procedures."
Rating: PG-13
Recipient: ova lexa

Disclaimer: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine belongs to Paramount, UPN as do the characters of Jadzia Dax, Benjamin Sisko, and all others who are mentioned here; they are not mine. I wasn't quite sure if this is exactly what the requestor had in mind, but I hope it serves.

"Equilibrium" by Karen

Jadzia Dax, the current Dax host, just back to Deep Space Nine station after her most recent experiences revisiting her home world, thought she could have spent the visit in far more pleasant surroundings than in the offices of the government-elect, an then in sick-bay.

Dwelling on what had happened was just one more way that insane Verad could exact his revenge.

Jadzia, while she stood in front of her full-length mirror tacked up to the wall in her quarters, the blue of her Starfleet Medical uniform matching with the blue of her eyes,

If the Trill authorities had known what Verad had been capable of they certain had been playing it close to the vest, after the all, The Trill as a species had had centuries of experiences in learning how to keep secrets.

As she shifted the weight from one foot to another, she kept her hands entwined above the lower half of her abdomen, feeling the dormant thoughts of the Dax symbiont respond to the faint pressure and the stimulus of her thoughts. While she certainly was not the first to carry this particular symbiont, what Verad had done to he amounted to an invasion of privacy of the highest order. Jadiza wasn't certain if she should be furious or relieved that it was over, at last.

At moments like this, when she was alone in her quarters, as alone with her the memories and experiences of eight very different lifetimes, including the ones she accumulated as Jadzia, that she often wondered and debated about how or even if the responses and reactions she had had was her, or even Emony, or Curzon, or Audrid,

Either of those personages had been far more emotionally stable.

Jadzia took her hands from her middle and stuffed them into the pockets of her slacks. Verad had been a walking disaster, an aberrant streak, someone who had never been meant to be joined with any symbiotic; something that the Trill Commission who dealt with such matters found not only a dangerous risk, but a political disaster waiting to happening. It had been a dangerous gamble on Vera’s part. The entire matter made Jadiza just how much of what both she and Captain Sisko had been told had been the truth and how much was political double-talk, essential smoke and mirrors.

With a brisk shake of her head, she decided: "Enough is enough, all the wool-gathering in the world is not getting me anywhere, and it certainly isn't helping. It's time to move on."


Not being of the same species presented only as much as an obstacle to understanding as was reasonable or even safe.

But, his own innate sense of caring and years of training and experience had taught him when to get involved and when to leave well enough alone. Soon when it came to the delicate situation of dealing with his chief science officer’s fragile emotional balance shortly after returning from the Trill homeworld and the difficult position that he would no doubt find himself in in having to come up with a satisfactory report, Captain Benjamin Sisko could only heave a sigh, shrug his shoulders, and plunge in with all the good will, forbearance and patience that he could muster.

As he thought back to the time prior to his assignment to Deep Space Nine, to the years when he life and the choices that one had to make on a daily basis, from the mundane day-to-to day ones, including the ones that would affect his life and the life of others; from family to colleagues, to his closest friends; well, things had been a lot simpler back then. when he'd been a junior officer, who had happened to being on close ties with the famous Curzon Dax, one of the most famous and influential among of Trill's ambassadors and interstellar advisors.

The fact this particular incarnation of the Dax symbiont had been male, and the current host was female, was something that Sisko had come to terms with a long time ago, somewhere along in the early stages in their relationship.

"Bully for you, Old Man," Sisko muttered aloud to himself. "Sometimes, all you can do is prepare, hope for the best and take the punches as they come as best you can. Hang in there, Old Man." </lj>

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from: psychicvanity
date: May. 6th, 2010 08:38 pm (UTC)

Nice, I like it. But now I must go and find the episode!!

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